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The platforms we have built have supported Distressed Debt, Leveraged Loans, CDOs, and Real Estate portfolios. From trade capture and allocation to valuation and risk management, IVP has the expertise and experience to help Private Equity funds meet their technology goals successfully.
We have extensive experience working with Fund Administrators, Prime Brokers and Custodians, and have integrated many leading 3rd party products on behalf of our Private Equity clients.
Leading Global PE Group
Private Equity Fund of Funds
Global Leveraged Buyout Firm
Managed Futures Fund
Distressed Debt, Long/Short Fund
Long/Short Fund
Fixed Income Arbitrage Fund
Activist Fund
Multi-strategy Fund of Funds
US Based Prime Broker
Credit, Distressed Debt and Special Situations Fund
Distressed Debt/Event Driven Fund
Currency Manager
Event Driven, Relative Value Fund
Long/Short Equity Fund
Sovereign Wealth Fund
Credit Focused Fund
Fund of Hedge Funds Manager
Securities Lending Exchange
Long/Short Fund
Multi-strategy Fund
Multi-strategy Fund
Distressed Debt Fund
Convertible Arbitrage Fund
Fixed Income Fund
Global Prime Broker
Portfolio Financing Outsourcer