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For over 10 years, IVP has built an unrivalled level of technological expertise across every major asset class and trading strategy, as well as having successfully undertaken a series of complex projects spanning the Front, Middle and Back offices.
IVP has helped clients build interfaces and feeds to every major counter party in the marketplace (Fund Administrators, Prime Brokers, Custodians, and Exchanges)
Trade Capture, Allocation and Booking
(Trade, Position, Cash, multi-Counterparty)
Trade Processing life-cycles and STP workflow
(Equity, Repo, Margin, Cash)
Securities Lending
Program Trading/Direct Market Access
Fund of Funds Infrastructure
Managed Accounts
Non-standard Trading platforms
(e.g. Distressed debt, Bank Loans,
Real Estate, CDO/CLOs)
Prime Brokerage
(Reg T and Synthetic)
Hedge Fund Administration
Risk Management
(Middle-office bias)
P&L and Performance Attribution
Post-Trade Compliance
Fund Reporting
(Investor and Regulatory)