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Delivered as a series of modules, IVP Polaris enables clients to scale up functionality as and when required and is designed to be both multi-counterparty and multi-asset.
IVP Polaris offers alternative asset managers pre-built connectivity to Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators and other major counterparties. Built with an 'open interface' into the database, Polaris maintains inception-to-date time series across any data set and enables both standard (pre-bundled) and customized reporting.
Key Modules
P&L Analytics and Attribution - P&L, profitability and opportunity analysis. Performance ‘scorecards’ and portfolio benchmarking against both industry and custom indices.
Form PF - Ability to electronically file Form PF and create audit trails with drill down capability to view underlying positions and trades.
Risk/Exposure Management - Pre-defined adaptors to multiple risk systems. The ability to measure and maintain fund's risk exposure across multiple time series.
Broker Vote - Quantitative benchmarking of broker commissions and broker vote results.