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What Are Hedge Funds Looking for in 2015?

Gurvinder Singh, CEO of IVP, discusses how service providers can help meet hedge funds' needs in 2015.


Hedge Fund Industry Update 2011

The Year 2011 has been a year of significant development for hedge funds with many new regulations dawning upon the industry. Gurvinder Singh in conversation with TabbGroup Editor Gregory Crawford.


Building Degrees of Freedom in Hedge Fund Infrastructure

In this video, IVP CEO explains the need to build “Degrees of Freedom” in today's Hedge Fund Infrastructures, to achieve operational flexibility and scale.


Challenges Facing Growing Hedge Funds

As Hedge Funds grow in size, they face bottlenecks leading to operational logjams. Gurvinder Singh discusses these and other challenges faced by growing hedge funds in this video.


Preparing for Hedge Fund Regulation

No longer seen as a 'cottage industry' in the eyes of regulators, hedge funds are preparing for newer regulations they need to comply with. Gurvinder Singh discusses with TabbGroup editor on how hedge funds can better prepare themselves.